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Add a Drawing Table to your Office!

I’ve always been interested in drafting tables. They are ultra versatile, and can adapt to a multitude of uses. Something about seeing one in someone’s work space just seems to legitimize their craft, whatever it may be. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or someone that simply does a lot of drawing or writing, a drawing table can be a great addition to any home. I’ve included a couple below so that you can see how versatile a drafting table can be. If it has a glass top, you can even adapt it to be a light table! I’ve also included a couple of chairs that would seem to suit this type of desk quite nicely.

If you’re a DIY expert, these are great to work on projects. You can adjust the table to an angle that is best for your craft, and you can have all of the tools that you need within reach.

Of course, if you are an architect or do a lot of drawing, one of these drafting tables are a no-brainer.

So what are you waiting for? Order one today!

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What I love about Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture, for me, is a great option for a room.  But you might ask yourself, “why?” Well, let me tell you why I think it’s great!

One of the reasons that I love modern furniture is because it’s simple yet sophisticated; functional yet inspiring; furniture, and also art.

Modern and contemporary furniture styles have a history of using taking the simplest of items and dressing them up, or stripping them down to their essential core to present them in a new and interesting way.

When I’m working, it’s important to me to surround myself with things that will inspire me. It’s rare for me to find a piece of furniture that is both thought provoking, and just the piece that I need to complete my space. When I’m in a slump or can’t break out of my traditional methods, that sometimes it’s important to turn things upside down to look at them from a new angle and reinvent the things that have become so commonplace.

When looking around the furniture landscape, it’s refreshing to see something that is near art. A fine piece of art can help me connect with a task at hand, and even help me to lose myself in the process. Much like listening to music can help to focus me, the beauty of household items can do much the same. It’s interesting how the workmanship of others can enrich all of our lives.

Of course, everyone has their own preference for how to design their home. These are just some of my observations. I hope this little blurb has given some insight into what I see when I look at furniture.

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Grand Opening!

Welcome to’s Grand Opening!  Feel free to browse through our modern and contemporary furniture selection.

Now through the end of the month, enter in the coupon code “OPEN” when checking out to receive a 5% discount on your order.

Happy Shopping!