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Mid Century Modern Furniture: What’s the deal?

Why is mid century modern furniture so popular right now?

Well, that’s not an easy answer. Mid century modern furniture can mean many things depending on who you speak with.


One of the great things about mid century modern furniture is that it really focuses in on a minimal and simplistic approach. The focus is on functionality rather than on complexity. With mid century modern furniture, the colors are often very simple. Maybe black, white, a dark finished wood, or a rad. Other than that, color is saved for any accents that might be present in the room.


Elegance and simplicity often go hand in hand, and with mid century modern furniture, there’s no difference. Elegant design is one of the key elements of what defines truly modern furniture.


Design might be an obvious way to define what mid century modern furniture is. Of course, it’s going to look a certain way and conform to a certain set of standards that is common for all mid century modern furniture, but the way that the whole category of furniture is conceptualized and built really differentiates mid century modern furniture from other types and styles of furniture.

For me, I like the way that modern furniture looks. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a simple outlook. Maybe it’s because I like the clean and polished look. Who knows. What are your thoughts? Is mid century modern furniture the best thing that has happened to the furniture world, or is it an over-hyped fad? What kinds of furniture do you prefer?